Nova Scharm

VFX, for me, is about telling a story. Either if it’s enhancing a picture or creating something from scratch, it’s the story that puts it to life. It’s the art of weaving imagination and technology seamlessy that transports audiences to new worlds. As an aspiring VFX-intern, I am committed to pushing creative boundaries and transforming ideas into visual experiences, driven by the belief that every frame should leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. I am a dedicated compositing artist with a passion for digital matte paintings, concept art, general comp and creating telling environments. Nuke and Adobe Photoshop am I most comfortable in, but have knowledge and curiosity in Maya, Unreal Engine as well as Houdini. I am thrilled to start my VFX journey and can’t wait to start creating magic!


Jimmy Grafström

I see myself as a 3D-generalist with some knowledge in compositing. Most of my experiences lies in modeling, texturing, look development. My skills are particularly strong in Blender and Substance Painter, and I have recently worked to expand my knowledge to include Unreal Engine and Houdini. I also really like working in Nuke. I love working together with others to create projects with the highest possible results. I’m good at taking feedback and working togheter with others. Before I found my way into VFX, I worked as a Nurse for nearly 5 years, which gave me a whole lot of experience in collaboration in teams and prioritizing in stressful situations.


Jesper Jönsson

Hello, I am a 3D generalist with a focus on modeling, advanced rigging and animation. Would like to get better at comp and simulations to broaden my knowledge as a generalist. In teams, I am creative and stress-resistant, which I have learned after have worked in the film industry. Through that, I also understand the benefit of maintaining a positive attitude towards the end goal.

Carl Wiggberg

Jonathan Söder

I’m a technical compositing artist that enjoys CG integration and other intricate comp-work. My background in film, video editing and live broadcasting made me a fast learner that enjoys tackling problems, creative and technical, while also being as efficient as possible. While Nuke is my preferred software, I am proficient with other programs such as Maya, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Cecilia Azout

Anton Störling

I’m a 3D generalist oriented towards simulations, look dev, lighting and procedural modeling. I feel at home in several aspects of the VFX process, but I’m especially interested in Houdini and the possibility to quickly experiment and iterate using non-destructive workflows. In the future I want to improve at combining proceduralism with artistic creativity when building environments and I hope to learn more about making CG characters and character effects.

Daniel Steiner

Ebba Jörgensen

My name is Ebba and I am a 3D generalist specializing in look development with skills in texturing, shading and lighting. I have a passion for modeling and sculpting and am eager to improve my ability to create assets and characters that help stories come alive. After approximately one year of studies I feel ready to step out into the 3D industry and develop my knowledge even further. As an intern I will bring a positive mindset and a strong ambition to learn. I hope we will get in touch!
Gustav Holmström

Elsa Gunnarsson

Hi! I’m a 3D-artist focusing on modeling, texturing and lighting, mainly using Maya and Substance Painter. Currently I am specializing further within look development regarding assets, but am also interested in learning more about creating big environments. With an open-minded and creative mindset, I thrive on pushing my limits in projects with a structured approach.

Ebba Stillman

Casper Thelén

Hi, my name is Casper Thelén. I’m 22 years old currently based in Stockholm. I’m a VFX compositor/generalist with focus on CG integration, matchmoving and tracking My goal is to create and achieve photorealism and beautiful cinematogrophy with the help of compositing and various 3d softwares. I strive to merge the 3d world with real life through integration. I would love to improve my current skillset as an artist but also expand and find new ways of learning through cutting edge AI. As an intern at your studio i will bring a positive mindset and a passion of improving. The softwares I’ve been working in are Nuke, Maya, Blender, Davinci and Unreal engine.

Elin Ek Mälman

Christian Gustafson

Hello! My name is Christian and I’m from Gothenburg currently living in Stockholm. My passion is when good storytelling meets high end visual effects and my aim is to work with great people and deliver high quality results. I’ve worked around a broad spectrum of different roles in commercial production such as, motion graphics, producing, directing, editing, grading, DOP which all have helped me to hone in on my skills as a compositing artist. Send me a message and let’s chat!

Emil Roos Nilsson

Samuel Mauritzson

I’m a 3D generalist with a passion for lighting and look development. I’m comfortable working in Maya and Blender, as well as Nuke for compositing. Right now I want to further explore Houdini, which I am just getting into. I love growing as an artist through feedback, collaboration with others, and by analyzing my own and other artists’ work. The goal is to deliver high quality excitement working with great people in creative and technically advanced projects. Let’s make some cool stuff!

Jesper Sjölander

Tobias Westin

I’m Tobias Westin, 40 years old, and I bring around 15 years of professional experience in graphic design within the advertising industry. I’ve worn different hats — employee, freelancer, and business owner. Now, I’m excited to blend my past experiences with my newfound expertise in the dynamic realm of the VFX industry. I really enjoy problem-solving, whether it’s tackling technical challenges, nurturing creativity, or applying the S.M.A.R.T. approach to daily tasks. I thrive in a fast-paced environment, finding energy in the hustle. What I love most is collaborative brainstorming, shaping ideas working with constant iterations. I seize every opportunity to explore innovative ways of using Nuke in compositing. Have a look at my showreel from the past year at Xenter and join me in my VFX explorations. See you soon!


Melina Gohari

I’m a 3D generalist with an extra interest in look development, environmental building and lighting. Seeing a cinematic shot that is masterfully crafted, pleasing to look at and evokes any type of feeling is what drives me to be better and the primary reason as to why I love this line of work. I also am having a lot of fun with all the different aspects of VFX, anything from learning animation, simulations, texturing or compositing. Those are just examples, the list goes on. I would definitely say that one of my greatest strengths is my ambition and drive to learn when doing something I really care about. That is one of the moste valuable things that I have brought with me from this education and I can’t wait to bring it with me to my work life and keep improving! My experience as of now mainly lies with Maya, Nuke and Unreal Engine and am also really looking forward to learning Houdini.

Johannes Ardenfors

Jack Pensar

I am a VFX student with a focus on modeling, texturing, environment, and lighting. I use Blender and Maya for 3D work, Nuke for compositing, and can use most Adobe software for post-production tasks and are right now focusing on learning Houdinin. I like the journey of following a project from early production to final image and enjoy working together with others to tell a story from what we create.

Julian Svanström

Victor Flodén

My name is Victor Flodén, and I’m an aspiring 3D animator with a love for storytelling, and a passion for creating immersive and visually compelling narratives. As a VFX student at Xenter Botkyrka I’ve had the opportunity to use my skills as an artist to storyboard various projects in Photoshop before setting off into Maya and explore the fundamentals of 3D like modeling, lighting, UV-mapping, and animation. I’ve also had the chance to texture assets in Substance Painter or Mari before importing them back into Maya, or using them in projects in Unreal. I have my sights set on learning and growing as an artist, especially as an animator.

Linnea Duvström

Mia Dahlqvist

I’m a Comp, DMP and Environment Artist looking for a placement where I can develop and grow my artistry to be the best it can be.

I love using compositing and 3D in combination to strengthen the look of a shot. My traditional art training and background in screenwriting mean it’s important to me that every aspect of the shot tells a story. The transformative effect of matte painting and concept art is the coolest thing; I really hope to learn a little of that magic!

The bulk of my experience is within Nuke, Photoshop, Maya and Marvellous Designer. In addition, I have dabbled in Houdini, Zbrush and Speedtree. It’s really important to me that I can continue to grow and learn new workflows and programs — and I hope to find my LIA at a place where I can get properly stuck in!

Most of all, I hope to develop my artistic eye under a mentor or company who will push me to be my best. In return, you get someone friendly, office-ready and (having run my business before the education) totally comfortable with meeting deadlines. I also bake cakes, which is always a plus in my book. 🙂

Matyas Belina

David Rundlöf

I am a 3D generalist, leaning towards lighting and lookdev, environments and motion graphics. My passion is to create visually interesting shots with a cinematic feel and strong composition and design. I am currently learning Houdini, but I have experience with many 3D/VFX applications like Maya, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter and After effects to name a few. Feel free to hit me up if you want to explore collaboration opportunities or to discuss anything 3D-related.

Michel Gil

Anna Bäckdahl

I’m a 3d-artist with a love for learning and a focus on animation, modeling as well as texturing. I currently wanna strengthen my skills in animation and I would like to learn how to make realistic particle simulations. I have a background in interactiondesign and front-end development with a long lasting love for creating. I enjoy the process from brainstorming to the fine-tuning of a product in order to convey the desired feeling toward the right audience. I work mostly with Maya, Substance Painter, and Zbrush but also have experience with Mari, Blender and DaVinci.

Rickhard Norberg

Jonas Vidlund

Hey there! I’m Jonas Vidlund, a VFX artist from Stockholm born in 1991. I’m passionate about texturing, lighting, cinematography and modeling. I enjoy the entire creative process, from raw concepts to polished renders, and I thrive on challenges and intricate details. I am excited to find the right team and align with a company that matches my goals.
Staffan Hermansson

Carl Asplund

I come from a background of traditional arts such as painting portaits in watercolor, sketches in croqius or making clay sculptures. And now im finally on my journey through the digital world, creating the creatures and telling the storys that I love.

Staffan Hermansson

Micke Kalin

I’m a Compositing artist on a wild ride through the world of visual effects. I’m constantly exploring, experimenting and troubleshooting to solve whatever problem comes my way. My main tools are Nuke and Maya but I’m always eager to learn new softwares and different approaches. I started my journey with home movie editing, sound overlays and later found myself fascinated with combining this with compositing as my love for film & storytelling grew. I’m looking for a role where I can keep growing and take on a variety of challenges, wearing different hats along the way.

Staffan Hermansson

Hanna Dahlquist

I’m a 3D generalist with specialisation in FX, look development, lighting and texturing. My primary focus is Houdini, but I’m always keen to explore new programs as well. Creating atmospheric environments and conveying emotions are the things I wish to dedicate myself to, firmly at the crossroads of creativity and technology. I value great team spirit as well as space to express my individual creativity within the team. My 10-year experience in web development and graphic design, including 4 years as a freelancer, has sharpened my collaborative approach and made me used to handling sudden changes.

Staffan Hermansson

Rafael Ramos Jansson

Jag är en 3D generalist och lookdev:are med bakgrund i concept art och real-time VFX för spel.

Staffan Hermansson

Eric Turner

I’m an American living in Stockholm, Sweden with my Swedish wife and family. I’m older than the rest of the students and this is my mid life career change. I’ve always loved art. I grew up drawing and playing dungeons and dragons and dreaming of being a comic book artist. My first introduction to 3D art was in zBrush which I love. That naturally lead me to want to learn better ways of rendering and animating my sculpts. I am interested in all aspects of 3D, I’m still too naive to really know what I want, I’m really up for anything. My strengths atm are modeling, sculpting, and texturing, and of course I love unreal engine, it’s so fast to concept shots. After creating my Star Wars Tie Pilot I know my way around making clothes in marvelous designer. I enjoy working from a concept and trying to be perfect about it. The Star Wars pilot was super fun to do for me. If you need anyone making assets and of course characters I’m your guy. I also enjoy coming up with the blocking, lighting, and composition of potential shots. You can see some of that in the unreal engine shots included in my showreel. I really enjoy animation as well, I particularly like mocap and cleaning up/adding to mocap animations. I just got a taste of it at school and I really enjoy it. My next project is learning houdini, after that getting my Tie Pilot into his spaceship and doing a film level shot with mocap rendered in Arnold. I would be honored to work at any of your companies, I’m evolving and am open to work on any and all parts of the process. All the best, Eric

Staffan Hermansson

Katja Hedengren

I am a 3D artist with a background in traditional animation, and a passion for hard surface modeling, rigging, and animation. Thanks to my background in animation, moving into rigging and animating in 3D has always felt like a natural step in extending my skill set.

Solving problems with creative solutions is something I strive for and learning different ways to approach situations to make working both more fun while also improving my understanding of the subject. My experience in working with 3D is mostly in Maya, but I’d also love to become more familiar with rigging in other software, and by taking a deeper dive into scripting in order to make my work even more efficient.